The Burgberg, also known as the Tausendeimerberg [‘One-Thousand-Bucket Mountain’], is situated at the outer edge of the Spitzer Graben, at the banks of the Danube, and presents a kind of entry portal to region. Gneiss dominates here, and, as a consequence, Riesling, which covers almost the entire mountain. But only almost: eroded geological materials have collected in a small v-shaped part for centuries, and these are perfectly suited for growing Veltliner, which we have started to grow there about ten years ago. The highest quality wines can be produced in colder, classical years. The wines here, in contrast to those from the Spitzer terraces, appear riper, less acidic and as a result more pleasing. 


The opulent bouquet is characterized by tobacco and exotic flavours, concentrated and dense. In the mouth it presents itself as soft, round and juicy. Its texture is precise and its fruity notes fresh, while more spicy notes dominate the palate – cigars and a hint of mango. These remain persistent, long and intensive, for four to six years to come.