The ‘Bruck vineyard’ consists of an assembly of steep terraces and features an impressive range of dry-stone walls. Glittering slate, gneiss and sandstone define the unique composition of the soil, in which only Riesling grows. Cold air (from the Waldviertel) and warm air (from the Danube) converge here, and produce an elaborate interplay of high sugar levels and lively acidity. The vineyard faces southwest and thus benefits from late afternoon sun in the summer, so that the terraces are kept warm even into the early hours of the night. This is one of the reasons why the harvest takes place slightly earlier here than on other terraces of the Spitzer Graben – although ‘early’ is relative, as it never takes place before November. 

Riesling Federspiel Ried Bruck 2017

Elegant and crystal-clear; sparkling in colour and highly expressive. Defined by apricots and fine minerality, light and yet long, strict and yet approachable – again a prime example of what the Graben has to offer. One year of bottle-aging is ideal; thereafter, the Riesling will open up all its variety and it will be possible to discover new nuances for two to three years to come.

Riesling Smaragd Ried Bruck 2017

The Riesling-counterpart to the Grüner Veltliner ‘Schön’, and together with it one of our most important wines. Why? It is the paradigmatic expression of all our intentions and ideas, our philosophy in liquid shape. The ‘Riesling Bruck’ is defined by dark berries, slate and smoke, while also displaying precise stone-fruit notes and white petals on the palate. The acidity is harmonious, the texture juicy and mouth-watering and the future potential is great – it is usually at its best after three to five years.

Intense, complex fruit, vineyard peaches, lime, passion fruit, minty flavours, vibrant acidity always fruit carrying, mineralic finish, long persistence, mandarine and lemon in the aftertaste

Accolades: 95 PS - A la carte

GElber Muskateller Smaragd Ried Bruck 2017

The climate changes. What gives a justified reason for preoccupation globally can sometimes open doors on a local level. In 2015 we reacted on the continuously rising sunshine hours and produced a Muskateller Smaragd from one of the highest plots of the Bruck vineyard. A very small quantity but enough to fill a steel tank and later on some hundred bottles. Apart from elderflower, ripe grapes, rose petals and lemon flavours it is also possible to feel the extreme conditions in which the grapes grew. The constantly blowing wind and the nevertheless cool temperatures manifest themselves in a vital freshness, while the rocky and barren geology is reflected in a delicate smokiness. 

Accolades: 16,5 PS - Gault & Millau