wine categories


The lightest of the Wachau categories, which allows for a maximum of 11,5% of alcohol. Light, fresh and fruity wines are typical in this category. However, Steinfeder is also the classification that is least important to us because we do not include it in our programme. We harvest our grapes too late for Steinfedern, and for good reasons. The Steinfeder principle would not allow for what matters a lot to us, that is, to get physiological ripeness into every single one of our wines.


The happy medium. Or, to be more precise, 11,5%–12,5% alcohol. In spite of this limitation, Federspiele can result in the most diverse wines, ranging from light, fine and uncomplicated to complex, precise and highly mineral. Both, Federspiel Veltliner and the Riesling are usually fantastic food companions.


The highest category, from 12,5% vol. without upper limit. Usually, our wines feature no more than 14% alcohol, but even higher concentrations are no cause for concern as long as they are counterbalanced by acidity and minerality. Smaragde are the wines that have contributed most to the excellent reputation of the Wachau. They are always dry, dense, complex and mineral and usually have a fantastic aging potential. They are, however, above all one thing: perfect representatives of their terroir, able to represent a sense of place.

Die Marken Steinfeder®, Federspiel® und Smaragd® sind geschützte Marken des Vereins Vinea Wachau Nobilis Districtus e.V. Die Nutzung ist ausschließlich den Mitgliedern des Vereins vorbehalten