Our winery is situated at the Western edge of the famous Austrian Wachau region, where the Spitzer Graben – a steep valley branching off from the Danube vale – opens out into the Waldviertel. We are not only located in a border region geographically: the Spitzer Graben is marked by extreme geological and climatic conditions. The extremely steep locations of the vineyards and the idiosyncratic climate are its dominant features. 

Our terraces are colder and more barren, rugged and more stony than most others in the region. While these unique characteristics are reflected in our wines (and in ourselves), we always aim to make them harmonize with the authentic traditional qualities of the Rieslings and Veltliners we produce. This is not always an easy undertaking, and often results in complex, multi-layered wines that might occasionally require patience. Those who are ready to give them a try, however, will be rewarded with wines that have no equal in the Wachau region.