Our second great passion. The Wachau is not a monoculture, that is, it does not live of grapes alone. On the contrary: the unique Wachauer apricot [called ‘Marille’ in Austria] is a further feature contributing to the region’s overall reputation. Old, autochthon apricots have grown in the Wachau since the beginning of times. And just like the wine shapes not just the region’s culinary but also its visual profile – with the vines, steep terraces and dry-stone walls, so do the apricot trees – with their knotty stems, white blossoms and their beautiful, mellow-yellow fruit. And once again, the Spitzer Graben, owing to its unique topographic and climatic location, is particularly important in this context.


Two great spirits are among the outcomes of our passion for apricots. Both are quite different in character, and both are produced according to the most rigorous quality standards. We never add sugar and we never add artificial aromas – some might think this goes without saying. The spirits are 100% apricot, the product of a double distillation process. The first step is the so called head during the course of which we filter out the heart piece. of precisely this heart piece. Then we fraction for a second time. A second heart piece is produced, a quintessence which, once filled into barrels, we let mature for a couple of months, chilled and slowly so as to avoid even the slightest loss of aromas.

our Apricot spirits

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