From us, for you. Inciting but nevertheless serious wines which can be enjoyed at any time day and night. Straightforward representatives of their varieties which favour drinkability to terroir. The vines of the J & G range root in sandy soils at the banks of the Danube, in between Weissenkirchen and Loiben.

A Grüner Veltliner as well as a Riesling Federspiel provide the ideal introduction into the complex worlds of the two varieties: not as much shaped by terroir as their counterparts in the steep vineyards of the Spitzer Graben they are fruit driven and easy going and therefore ideal companions throughout spring and summer. Another inherent part of the J & G range is our lively and fragrant Muskateller which , once more, originates from our vineyards near to the river. In special years a Sauvignon Blanc completes the three Federspiele: vibrant, compact and dynamic it combines an elegant structure with power and a luscious taste.

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel J&G 2017

Inviting, quaffable and fruit-driven - the Veltliner of the vineyards at the shores of the Danube is a textbook example of the versatility of this grape variety: it accompanies a variety of dishes, is companion to food and serves as everyday wine for a lot of occasions. And yet it is a little more than that, too: a harmonic, fresh and lively Veltliner, displaying pepper and tobacco aromas, invigorated further by subtle exotic flavours.

Riesling Federspiel J&G 2017

Parcels of land situated close to the Danube shape this Riesling, which, from the first second onwards, presents itself fresh and bursts with fruity notes. It is uncomplicated in the most positive sense of the word, that is, it is open and quaffable, defined by clear aromas, but also warm, soft and round. A perfect companion to food.

Gelber Muskateller Federspiel J&G 2017

Light and playful; a herald of summer. Elderflowers dominate the bouquet, accompanied by a little orange zest. However, the wine is not overpoweringly aromatic, but rather a highly promising companion to food: at first animating, then round and compact, a little floral and parading fine citrus aromas.

Accolades: 15,5 PS - Gault & Millau

Sauvignon Blanc Smaragd j&G 2017

Expressive power is one of the main characters of Sauvignon Blanc. With our Smaragd-version we capture its full aromatic frame but also try to emphasize minor details. The result is a wine that combines petals, stone fruit and herbs. Aside we try to balance substance and elegance in order to make him a perfect companion to food. 

Accolades: 92 PS - A la carte; 16 PS Gault & Millau