The Kaiserberg lies jammed between Buschenberg und Liebenberg, half way between Weissenkirchen and Dürnstein. The origin of its name is shrouded in rumours. The most spectacular one traces the name back to Emperor (Kaiser) Charles the Great who allegedly camped at the base of the hillside before chasing away the Pannonian Avars from the Wachau. If this is true or not remains lost in the courses of time. It is a fact, however, that in 2012 we leased a vineyard at quite the same spot where Charles might have had his campsite. Planted with 50-years old vines of Grüner Veltliner it forms the plain ending of one of the steepest vineyards of the Wachau. The very dark soil is composed of weathered amphibolites, rocks of volcanic origin. The climate unites influences from the cold North and warm Pannonian East and provides for an inviting balance between substance and acidity.

Grüner Veltliner Smaragd Ried KaiserBERG 2017

On G belongs to me, the other one stands for Josef, alias Giuseppe, a long-time friend of our family. His nickname is due to his passion for Italian wine which he shares in equal parts with his love for the Wachau. Until his retirement he was an ardent consumer. Afterwards he started to become a talented winemaker who, since 2012, has been managing the Kaiserberg vineyard together with me.

50 years-old vines serve as a basis for a sumptuous and dense Veltliner Smaragd  which delivers stone fruit, tobacco and smoky flavours. The succulent and creamy  mouthfeels is due to its refinement in 1000 litre casks. Vibrant acidity, minerality and ripe, yellow fruit-flavours make for a balanced and lush finish. Maximum drinking pleasure after 4-6 years.