Project Schön, Part 1

Aside the Bruck, the Schön is our second very important vineyard in the Spitzer Graben. It is steep and barren and continuously confronts us with new challenges. In return we receive grape-material which reveals with great clarity the depth and essence of its vineyard parcels.

When we recently received the possibility to buy a completely ragged vineyard parcel in the Schön’s steepest part we did not think twice and bought it immediately. Knowing very well that it would be the biggest recultivation-project in the history of our estate. Once completed, we will have built 20 new terraces inside the rocks of the vineyard.

My grandmother told me that the parcels were cultivated the last time in the 1960s when people called this part of the Schön “HÖLL” (engl. HELL) – a reference to the extremely warm summer temperatures inside its south-facing terraces. We will enjoy first-hand experience very soon.

Aside the qualitative aspect – which was the main reasons for us to have bought those inhospitable plots of vineyards – there is another explanation why we acquired them: the terraces and dry-stone walls are an essential part of our cultural and historical heritage. They shape the contours of  the region – and shall continue to do so.

At irregular intervals we will inform here about the development of our big project.