Our own, very personal 'clos' – an homage to Burgundy, where walled-in terraces often yield the very best wines of a particular region. Far away from the estate, at the lower end of the Kellerberg, where eroded stone material mixes with the river-pebbles from the Danube, you can find our alternative to the firm wines of the Graben, such as the Loibner Vision, an intense and opulent Riesling. The terroir in Loiben is a little different: the climate is warmer and more inviting, and the soil is deeper and less barren. And this is why here, in the shade of the Kellerberg, mature and concentrated Riesling come into being, which counter the slim characteristics of the Graben wines with a baroque hymn to the Donau-Wachau. 


The wine from the opposite end of the Wachau. A fine breach of style, a great alternative. The directness of the Spitzer Graben is countered by the opulence of Loiben. Pineapple and peach aromas set the tone, and yet both notes combine to create an inviting and concentrated Riesling. It is enhanced by a fine acidity and it lingers long and tenaciously on the palate. It will develop for many years in the cellar. We recommend it particularly as a perfect companion to Asian food.