The ‘Riede Schön’ is made up of 57 individual terraces, which stretch across 130 metres as a consequence, the differences in grape maturation times can be up to ten days, depending on the position of the terraces. The vineyard Schön is spectacular, and fully lives up to its name [‘schön’ means ‘beautiful’]. The middle terraces constitute its heart – this is where the old vines can be found, which in some of the better years are vinified separately. ‘Fool’s gold’ slate sparkles in the soil, as well as a little gneiss. Heavy and repeated rain from the Waldviertel increases the danger of erosion, but this is prevented by the age-old dry-stone walls and by the deliberate planting of greenery, which renders the soil more solid and stabilizes it with intricate root networks. Harvest is late – it is often not before December until all grape materials have been gathered.  

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel RIED Schön 2017

A wine that emphasizes the elegant and lacy side of the vineyard and the grape variety. Lightness is combined with length, minerality with acidity, and fruit with a harmonic body. The wine is animating and yet complex, fragile and yet compact. It requires one year until it opens up fully, and will develop ever-new facets for two to three years to come, depending on the vintage.

Fresh, lemon and spicy flavours, balanced body and texture, fine leafy finish, grapefruit in the aftertaste, good length

Accolades: A la carte 91 PS


The definitive representative of our terroir. Cool, firm, smoky, as well as thrusting and mineral. Over the years, numerous other nuances will develop. There are herbal aromas, fruity ones, and the structure is muscular, sinuous, but never overpowering; the acidity is high but well integrated; the wine’s potential is great. It reaches the height of its power between the third and the fifth year.  

Intense, complex fruit expression, quinces, papaya, lemon, leafy touch, powerful wine, balanced structure, savoury finish, long persistence - A la carte

Accolades: 94 PS - A la carte